Thornbury Media Community Interest Company is registered in England, Company number 10727113.

We own and operate Thornbury Radio – the hyper-local radio station serving Thornbury and the surrounding area.

A CIC (Community Interest Company) is a special type of Limited Company intended for social enterprises.  This means it has an asset lock, so that the company’s assets can only be used for the intended purpose.

The objects (i.e. purpose) of Thornbury Media Community Interest Company are to provide a local radio station for Thornbury and surrounding area, and associated media activities.

We aim to be an essential resource, serving the entire community of Thornbury and surrounding area through the provision of a diverse spectrum of fun, inclusive, distinctive, innovative, informative, relevant, editorially-independent programming and scheduling of a high quality, created by representatives from the community of Thornbury and beyond.

Thornbury Media Community Interest Company is applying for the recently advertised small-scale DAB licence for the region. For more information please click here.

Thornbury Media CIC Directors (from left to right) David Wrench, Glyn Roylance, John Baden-Daintree, Chris Criddle and Nigel Lane